Ministers & Pastors

RICHES IN CHRIST functions as a resource for churches. Our aim is not to compete with local churches, but rather, to build them up through the teaching of God's word.  Pastors are often most anointed to preach, whereas RICHES IN CHRIST is anointed to do systematic teaching of the Bible.  We can provide seminars of several meetings, complete with study guides and supplemental tapes.  We are prepared to network with churches and provide regular instruction to congregations on an ongoing basis -- monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or whatever is most helpful to an individual church.  Our emphasis is on helping people see the Bible as it is in truth, God's primary revelation of Himself to man.  The Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ, is revealed in the written word, the Bible. Our goal is to bring God honor and glory through the teaching of His word to His people. If You would like to consider developing a relationship with this ministry please contact us. We do not charge, nor is any church too small for the gift God has given us.

Yours in Christ,

Diane Kannady