About This Ministry                  
Above, you will find some additional  pages. Each page is designed to give you a fuller view of this ministry.

We are a teaching ministry, led by Diane Kannady.
Currently, Riches In Christ airs on St. Louis radio.

 In the future we will broadcast on many radio stations, on the internet, and on TV.
Our vision is to publish the gift God has given to us with every technology available.
We intend to accomplish this by partnering with churches and ministries, in person, and via the internet.

We have taugth at churches, meetings, prisons, and rehab centers.
RIC meets weekly on Fridays with a group very diverse in backgrounds and denominations.
We give out teaching tapes and printed materials to any who ask,
 and much time is invested in those who seek understanding of God's word.
This ministry is producing books and other forms of media to further God's WORD.
Additionally, we meet the material needs of other ministries through grants, gifts, and support.

We look forward to working with you!